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  1. this picture represent the damage
  2. thanks guys for your advises, I have done an other printing test with this parameter : Nosel : 255°c Bildplate : 60°c Speed machine : 90% Ventillation : off and the problem has been solved , but the quality of the print has not been as good as the first print. I faced an other problem this time wich is : My piece is 48h duration with NYLON materiel , when it still 14h to go,something really bad happen , the nosel went crazy and start drowing rectangulaire , and some other forms i didn't know what was doing outside the piece space , it w
  3. Hello! On the first layer the machine was proceeding I heard clicking noises coming from the nozzle, I reduced the operating temperature from 255°c to 220°c therefore the clicking noise has stopped but in return that messed up the quality of the material (Nylon polyamide) as the piece came out in a form of layers easy to peal instead of one solid piece as shown on the photo joined. Best Regards & Thanks in advance. TUNI-PACK.Co. Note: Printer: Ultimaker 2+ Extended Material used: Nylon Polymide 2,85mm Printing Temperature: 24
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