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  1. haha jes there quite small but 150kg each so plenty of extra! I will keep you updated
  2. I used have a way bigger workspace then this, there the printer didn't look that big, now in this setting it's huge haha!
  3. Hi! That sounds like a very good plan, thickening the geometry 30 mm and later cut the two sides and I have two panels, only thing I think that will not match is the two layers on the sides of the print, I have to test it I guess. I was already looking into printing directly from Grasshopper but didn't make any progress on that yet, this sounds like an easier way out! Thanks! Will post a picture of the printer later
  4. Hi, I am almost finished building a large printer with pellet extruder, output around 2kg/h. One of the first prints I am going to do are some large 1x1m panels, to save material, I want to print it in one perimeter. Layer height 8mm and width about 12 (something like that) I want to use 'vase mode' but in a different way actually. As you can see in the image, the object consists of 2 perimeters, kind of what I want, but I am thinking if there is a way to print some kind of loop at the end and start the new layer then, so the next layer moves up in the way vase mode works? I am quite new to cura but till now it is the only software that doesn't crash with large files and print sizes. -Stijn
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