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  1. Having a surprising amount of difficulty finding this. Every place I check says out of stock. Would appreciate anybody who could throw me a link.
  2. Figured it out. There was a tiny projection on the bottom of the print resulting in the vast bulk of the print being slightly elevated off the build plate.
  3. I almost always print a raft with my prints with good results; the raft has always encompassed a larger area of the build plate than the print itself. Latest print with the same raft settings only prints a couple of small rafts at two points between the build plate and the print resulting in the print failing at points without any raft. Recently updated both Ultimaker S5 firmware as well as latest version of Cura. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Same here. Every print-in-place model I've ever attempted on my Ultimaker S5 has been fused despite following instructions to the letter. And the standard Thingiverse response is "The problem's on your end. I've printed a thousand of these and they all work fine and dandy."
  5. Ultimaker S5. Using PVA Natural in Extruder 2. Keep getting message saying change to PLA Transparent. No idea why I'm getting this. Have printed with this very spool before with no problem. Cura says job is being sent to printer but nothing happens. Tried updating firmware, unloading and reloading spool, turning machine off and on, re-setting up network, and reloading Cura. All ineffective. Cura recognizes the spool as "Generic PLA" for some reason. Manually setting to PVA Natural has no effect. Cura profile says "Not Supported". No idea what's happened here. Has worked fine for months.
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