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  1. Hi All, I have managed to get it to connect to AC105, it happened to show up on the list this morning and connect. However, I cannot get onto the Digital Factory. I cannot add the printer. When I hit connect on the machine it just whirls for like a millisecond and just keeps glitching? Is this a machine fault?
  2. As mentioned it sees the guest WiFi not AC105
  3. Is anybody here to support me on this issue please?
  4. Hi, 2.4GHz is enabled on our Wi-Fi. This does not seem to be the issue. Is there anything else you can suggest?
  5. So, is this you saying that we would need to check something on the configuration side?
  6. Also, just wanted to mention that it sees and connects to the guest Wi-Fi as I mentioned before.
  7. All our networks run on 5GHz, so this is not the case, and it's not that it won't connect, I can't even see our network on the list, but as I say that network (AC105) connect perfectly fine via smartphone and laptop, it's just whilst going through the Ultimaker setup
  8. Hi, I have an issue with connecting the Ultimaker S5 to my network. I get to the stage where it lists the networks available, however, I do not see the one I need to be connected too. That Wi-Fi is connected to my laptop, and my phone so the connection works. I have rebooted the Ultimaker, I have also saw that our network (AC105) is on 5GHz and not 2.4GHz, and this does not seem to be a problem. I can get the printer to connect via the Guest Wi-Fi just not the main one. Are you able to help?
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