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  1. That was the other thing I was going to tell you, to edit the gcode, but yes, it's annoying and not for noobs. Can M109 be modified in the Start GCODE in machine settings?
  2. For a bed mesh check you want the bed and nozzle hot, otherwise it's pretty much useless since it won't count for heat expansion. When the nozzle is heating up, retract the filament a few milimeters by hand, that should do to stop oozing
  3. Mmmmm, weird. This is either a partial clog that incidentally happened at the same time you've switch to 4.8, or an error when importing the profile. Check the filament size, because it looks like you have 2.85 instead of 1.75 in the machine settings. If you still have 4.7 installed try to print something small sliced with 4.7, the typical x,y,z cube for instance. If it prints ok, it's the filament size in 4.8. If it prints all wrong, clog Or who knows
  4. I just moved to Cura 4.8 and bridging is still flimsy. Below, a gif showing what happens when bridging with a skewed model on the plate. It's on purpose, a model can have bridges all over the place impossible to align properly. The shell/inner wall is printed as it should, from end to end over the walls, but the rest is a mess, printing some blobs here and there or starting over the recently printed bridge walls, which is the same as saying in mid air Here, first the model sliced in Cura 4.8, where you can see exactly what happens. Then the same model with same orientat
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