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  1. Can confirm this does not fix the issue at least on my 8bit Formbot TREX 3. Circular/curved surface finish on the same printer is still better in S3D with similar print settings. Will continue investigating issue a report back if I make progress.
  2. No, acceleration and Jerk control in Cura are disabled. My printer runs Marlin firmware (it's a Formbot Trex-3 IDEX with an 8 bit board) and has basic acceleration and jerk control built-in. However, without changing any firmware settings I get much better surface finish in Simplify 3D with identical print settings (as identical as I could make them). I prefer Cura's awesome features though, but it's just this last issue I can't seem to figure out to make a full migration from S3D. Surface finish is good on flat walls but not curved walls. FYI: Just downloaded 4.8 beta in hopes the
  3. 2020 and this is still happening. Changing resolution to 100um from 50um in order to reduce polygon count, and even printing from an SD card to rule out buffer issues did not change this behavior. This results in very rough looking outer wall finish on "any" curved surface. Any idea how to resolve this? In the attached image, you can see that the topmost wall surface is almost perfect, whereas the rest of th e model seems to not even follow an approximated circular path. All printed in 1 go at 60mm/s (without cooling compensation since multiple parts are printed in batch to allow enough cooli
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