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  1. Sounds interesting. What kind of solution do you have in mind? Well, the end goal might be to get different parts to print at different layer angles. In my case it can't be printed on its side. That's creative. However, in my case I'm printing it diagonally just so it fits inside my printing volume.
  2. This is a side-view of the shape to print (black outline) and the extruded material (blue lines in layers). Now, the 1-2 bottom layers probably should be directly on the buildplate anyway, so I'll leave a couple of those in, but instead of the other layers I'll start printing them at an angle (layers extruded at an angle are in green instead of blue, with the bottom-right green layer getting extruded first after the blue ones, then the one above it, etc): Is the explanation more clear now?
  3. I have a situation where I would like the layer lines to be at an angle, instead of parallel to the build surface. Similar to a belt printer, except with a smaller angle than 45 degrees, and without having tilted z-axis. Is there any plugin/script that can do this? If not then maybe I could make one myself. My first idea was to simply modify the gcode file, transforming all moves, rotating them around the x-axis. However, rotating the layers around the x-axis causes movements in the y-axis to also move in the z-axis, which has a much lower max speed than the y-axis. If
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