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  1. I don't know if it happens in the material station or in the bowden tube. I see the logo, not the robot
  2. I'll make this Topic revive since I had the same kind of issue recently. Printed a part in Toug PLA and supported by Natural PVA. 220C, 60 mm/s, 0.3mm layers, prime tower, 60C build plate and every other settings kept as recommended by cura. My print is fine, no shifted layers... But when I went to remove the build plate, I noticed that it had shifted 7mm to the right. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ptpYenkQLcyUhwPx8 (photos) I tried to push it back into place and it took me lot of force to do so. I really hope I didn't damage anything (i have the S5
  3. Since the first time I received it (in a box and sealed bag (I think)) I put it in the material station. Every now and then, the filament brakes in the bodwen tube, sometimes It doesn't stick to the other layers and and some stringing. I just had the same problem with my ultimaker natural PVA. Printing .3mm high layers at 35 mm/s at 220C. Other settings are as suggested by cura...
  4. I had an issue today while printing a tough PLA + PVA part. At layer 147 of 167, between a layer of PVA and PLA, they were bumps on my print, a sort of mushy finish. (see pictures and video) Any ideas why ? 35 mm/s, 0.3mm layer height, 50% infill PLA, 20% infill PVA. Photos (12).zip
  5. Did you get better results ? I have the same issues with Aquasys and my printer (ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle). I wonder what we should change to get better prints. Any Feedback ? @willryan3 @SandervG
  6. I have the same equipment you have and the same issue occured... Don't know why. I fill like the solution given by Dim3nsioneer should help! Good luck! Give us some news about your results!
  7. Hello, Let's say I have a basic cube i want to print. What would be the difference if I rotate the bloc by 45 degrees to always use x and y axis while printing VS Printing along x and y seperately. Will the resulting part be more precise since I used both axis all the time ? or not ? Hope it's clear, Thank you.
  8. I used aquasys 120 and it dissolves pretty well even at 40 C. I made a part from PLA and the structure was Aquasys and verything was fine.
  9. Hey guys I'm printing with the S5 pro bundle with PLA from color fabb and It is just impossible to print nice text on my parts... I've done like 8 different tests and nothing really helps. Attached is an excel file with my settings and in the excel is also a photo of the results. Here is the part that I'm trying to print (Attached) Will I be more successfull with low speed (30), thin layers (0.1), cold temp (190), cold bed(30) ? And don't know what to do anymore.... GT9910985-GTOO01 1.stl
  10. Hey guys, hoping to get your feedback on this subject I printed this setup yesterday in tough PLA and generic PLA The Inner Diameter should be of 4.000 inch and it resulted in 3.980 inch which is 0.508mm too small on the diameter. Outside diameter should be 4.25 and is 4.244 (0.15mm difference (good result) Similar results were observed on the smaller cylinders. Inside diameter should be 0.500 and is 0.480 (.508 mm difference). Outside diameter should be 0.8750 and is 0.883 (this time it’s too big of 0.2mm) Any idea what could have
  11. I just bought a spool of Aquasys 120. Any recommendations for printing with PLA ? Should I keep using the PVA instead ?
  12. I haven't reboot my printer since i bought it (a week ago) but I had ER31 once. maybe that's what happened... but still, I'd like to know what all these different files mean?
  13. Hey guys, I want to take a look at the temperature data of previous prints. I am not connected to internet so I always use my usb key to print. Every time i put back my usb in my computer, the usb key is filled with many files. Can someone help me understand these. I don't understand why there are so many... When I open, for example, the Air manager Log file, I can figure out what the values mean : But when I open what seems to be the data of a print job, there is no title on any number... And then I see many other files that I don'
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