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  1. Hi everybody, I wonder if there is a way to print with non-ultimaker materials. I downloaded and imported the profile for BASF Ultrafuse PET. When I select it and hit print, I get the message "requires configurarion changes" on the Monitor tab, like shown in the screenshot. I cant select unknown on my printer. What can I do? I will try to show my procedure: First I choose the imported material, like in this picture then it looks like so. Obviously Cura is not happy (because orange): Question: what can I do to make Cura accept this material? Still it looks like the new Material is selected for extruder 2: I hit "slice" and I get this Still it offers me to print, so I hit "print over network". Moving to the Tab "Monitor" extruder2 now shows unknown instead of PET. Cura also wants me to choose unknown on the printer wich obviously is not possible. I tried hard, but cant figure out what I have to do to make this work. Until now the only answer I ever found for this issue was to choose some material that is somewhat similar to what I have, but I cant believe that this is the only way. If that was the case, then why do material-profiles for 3rd party materials exist in the first place. I also cant believe that on a machine in this price range, dialing in exact parameters is not possible. I would be very glad if someone from Ultimaker Support could explain step by step how material profiles (like the one I downloaded for BASF Ultrafuse PET) can be used on the printer. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hello Smithy, thank you for your reply. So the bed moves up until the value stays constant. that makes sense. (although it looks a little brutal). After autoleveling, the bed really pushes against the nozzle, so the the it gets pushed down a bit. When printing a brim I can see the traces in the glue I have applied on the glass. I have done manual leveling and then auto leveling several times now, with the same result. So Im not using auto anymore now, but Id rather do. Regards, sux4x27
  3. Hi, I recently bought a used UM3, and I have two questions. First one is how long schould heating the build plate take. I think it takes very long, and if I want to print cpe+ it sometimes even times out stating it takes too long to heat the build plate. Second is about auto bedleveling. When the printer probes the bed, the nozzle doesnt just gently touch the buildplate, but the buildplate moves up against the nozzle so that the nozzle pushes the bed down into the springs by at least one mm. When printing after auto bedleveling the buildplate is far too high, causing the nozzle to scrape along the glass trying to squeeze the plastic into the buildplate, but nothing comes out because its so tight against the glass. The only way to get that corrected again is by turning off auto leveling and level manually again. I think I read a post about the leveling issue before, but without any solution. Any thoughts or tips? Regards, sux4x27
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