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  1. fuckflake 3 on page original design.3mf
  2. I've done the multiply, however, it still only prints one or two of the multiple objects. I've made certain that they grey outlines don't overlap, and that i select ALL before slicing. What i wind up with is a weird brim, that looks at the start as though it will do a multiple, but winds up just being a weird outline, with only one object printing. Ideally, i would like to get three or four objects per print. I've gotten the error code: unable to find a location within the build volume for all objects. Help? Thank you for the quick responses, i really appreciate it. Also, thank you
  3. Yes, i am REALLY new. How do i put multiple objects on the build plate of my printer? I am so close to figuring it out.......but not quite. Making Christmas ornaments, and would be great if i could put 4 on each build plate. Thank you!
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