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  1. Greg, Thanks. Found it and works like a champ. I think this will come in handy for other weird Cura bugs also.
  2. I sliced it as well with 4.8. Has open threads top and bottom, same as shown by Greg V.
  3. MarkT


    Select part on build plate. On left, select scale. You can now type a new scale factor or drag one of the colored squares.
  4. Ever since I moved back to Cura from S3D I have been wondering why my skirts don't print well. Sometimes the skirt never even prints at all and a bit of the part's 1st layer doesn't either on smaller parts. So I am digging around the gcode for something else and find this - G1 F2700 E-5. There we go, that explains it. This is after all other startup code and right before the skirt prints. If anything, I would want it to extrude some rather than retract 5mm. This is not in my custom startup code, but is generated by Cura. My profile is Creality CR-10 Mini. So how do I get rid
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