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  1. Thank you Gr5 (or should I say Gr8 -3). I saw this setting before, but as I am not a 3D printer guy, let alone an ultimaker guy, I didn't want to wipe settings that may be vital. Everything is back and working, CURA seems to not even notice anything changed.
  2. Hello Everyone and thank you for any help you can provide. Where I work we have an Ultimaker S5. It is the older of the two models. The printer is controlled and monitors via a web-server that it runs locally. This web-server is running and can be verified by loading up the printers IP into a web browser. When connecting over HTTP, I am directed to a page (shown below). From this page, I can access the Event Log, Temperature Graph and API Documentation. However, I am not able to access the Digital Factory. I am shown a loading screen as shown below. Landing page when pu
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