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  1. I am in touch with the creatbot support they sent me two Cura profiles, one for each extruder (standard & peek) and the machine settings tabs 😄 with all theese informations, i can start or there are other things that i need to set? in the start g-code can i write G29 after G28 for ABL with the probe? or i have to set/add other commands for ABL? thanks creatbot F430 .curaprofile creatbot F430 PEEK.curaprofile
  2. Thank you for your reply Just to be more clear i' am using simplify3D for the makerbot replicator+, becouse i am a novice so i bought this slicer for the "ready to use profile" for makerbot, but now i see that even Cura can export ".makerbot" gcode files so it would be cool to try cura on the makerbot but there are a lot of parameters to set that i dont know. So right now it would be cool if i can run a gcode made by cura on the creatbot printer, copying the settings from creatware. You are saing that there a more or less 100 profiles that are not
  3. Hello all, I'm quite new in the 3D printing world My company has a makerbot replicator+ I dont like the makerbot own slicer so i bought simplify3D because has ready to use profile for this printer that is working smoothly (i think so) now we are waiting our second 3D printer, a creatbot F430 it has its own slicer: creatware that looks like a Cura fork So i am thinking to use cura instead creatware and to do so, i am trying to match the Cura custom printer settings with the creaware default setting Furthermore i am checking the default simplify3D profile fo
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