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  1. Once the print job finished, I took the object off the plate and took a photo of the bottom. The photos were parts of that surface.
  2. I guess there are two issues. In these two photos taken from the base of the prints, there are gaps and holes between the lines and perimeters. You can see it clearly from the Preview screenshot. In the bottom photo, some kind of visible irregular artifacts on it to ruin the lines. Can I make the bottom of the print solid so I don't see these lines, gaps and artifacts?
  3. Hi, the bottom of the print looks like the one shown in the Preview. Is there any good way to fill in those gaps and holes to make the bottom looks like solid? It feels solid when I touch it but it does not look solid due to those holes and gaps. Thank you
  4. I just checked. Under Combing Mode, I have "Not in Skin". Max Comb Distancd with No Retract: 0 mm Avoid Printed Parts When Traveling: Checked Avoid Supports When Traveling: Unchecked I have high standards. If I want nice looking surface, shall I have Combing Mode: Off?
  5. Thank you. If I want to have different sets of settings for different filaments/projects, is exporting the profile the approach to use? If after printing a STL file and I want to use the same settings on a different STL, will opening the second STL file and then deleting the original STL object under PREPARE allow me to use the same settings on the second STL object? Before I created this thread, I followed the steps in the link you provided. Under Profile, I have the following tabs: Activate (dimmed), Create, Remove (dimmed), Rename (dimmed), Import, Export (dimmed). I
  6. Hi, I am trying to store the settings I have been tweaking for days so that I can use it for different STL files. I read that I can do that by exporting profile. However, under Settings->Preferences->Profile, there is no Manage Profiles option. I see an Import and Export tabs but the Export tab is dimmed. Form this thread, I double checked from Makerplace that I already have Cura Profile Reader enable. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/4680 Please let me know how to save the settings to a file for future use. Thank you.
  7. The kind of scar I am having is exactly the one shown in the open issue posted last year on Github. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/6517 I did not have this issue when I used other slicers. First I enabled Hop Z at 1mm and 2mm but the problem did not get resolved. Then, I enabled Z Hop Only Over Printed Parts. So, I have: Z Hop Speed: 10mm/s Z Hop When Retracted: Enabled Z Hop Only Over Printed Parts: Enabled Z Hop Height: 2mm but it is still there.
  8. After I disabled Compensate Wall Overlaps. The problem is solved. Thank you. For the top with ironing, I have Top Bottom Line Direction changed from [] to [0]. Will it make the top surface weak? As the extruder is making parallel lines to form the surface, sometimes it created extra bits of straight lines (kind of like left over) above the top surface. What parameter should I change to eliminate it? Also, I read that to eliminate scars on the top surface, I should enable Z hopping. I set it to 1mm. However, I still see one or two diagonal scars like before. I have Combi
  9. My main problem is that the sharp corner is not printed nor sliced properly. The printed one looks like the one in the preview. As you can see form the red highlighted corner, part of the yellow later is missing. It did not happen before as shown in "tip earlier on". I don't know what caused this missing bit and how to fix it. The tip shown in "tip earlier on" is much shaper. It is the one I want.
  10. Thank you. I will disable coasting and try again. At least under Preview, the gaps on the brim are closed. However, I can still see some gaps/holes at the tips. Any way to fill it in perfectly? If I am using a 0.4mm nozzle, can I set Line Width to less than 0.4mm to perhaps make the surface looks smoother? I have scroll up to the last layer in Cura already. Why I cannot see the top surface? Is it supposed to look smooth at least on the screen? On the printed part, I also see vertical parallel lines so I wonder if this is also a surface. I have Top Surface Skin Line Dire
  11. Hi, I have been printing the same thing all day by trying different variables and values. In the last print, it looked quite good but for strange reason, part of the tip was not printed. When I looked at Cura, I noticed that at the same position, the yellow part is also not shown (the area circled in red). I have some questions: 1. Is it true that if a part does not show up in preview, it will not be printed? 2. Why part of the tip (enclosed in red circle in the screenshot) was not printed? This is the first time I have this problem. In six other prints, the tip was pri
  12. yes, I came across some posts by neotko. Another issue is the top surface showing zig-zag patterns even I have set combing to not in skin.
  13. Thank you. I will give it a try. As for ironing, do you have any suggestions on how to improve the look? Two main issues: 1. Claws like diagonal lines on top of the top surface (it reminds me of A Nightmare on Elm Street). 2. Some kind of extra bits (like very small crystalized bubbles) on the top surface. I tried: Flow 5, Speed 20, line width 0.2, top surface skin layer 2, infill 50% Flow 10, Speed 16.666, line width 0.1, top surface skin layer 2, infill 50% Flow 15, Speed 20, line width 0.2, top surface skin layer 2, infill 50% Fl
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