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  1. Hi, I have used various 3D printers over the past ten years. I was in charge of two prototyping labs at universities. I have a Prusa i3MK3S but I am unsatisfied with its print quality and the amount of time required to tinker the machine which may or may not fix the issues. How is the S3 and S5? Are these more expensive machines better?
  2. Thanks. When I checked this option, the check marks were already there. I guess I might have checked them few months ago. If I use adaptive layers, do values in Quality->Layer Height and Initial Layer Height have an effect on the prints? If I want only the first layer to be 0.2mm but the rest to start to have lower adaptive layers, what shall I do? Besides this function, that what else can I do to make the prints smooth?
  3. Hi, I printed a hemisphere but from about 2-3mm towards the top, it does not look smooth nor as uniform as the rest of the print. From what I know, adaptive layering is already set by default. Does Cura has other smooth functions? Could you please advice on how to make the top and the whole sphere perfectly around and smooth? Also, where is the Adaptive layers threshold? It seems to have disappeared. Thanks
  4. Thank you. What happen when we reduce the Line Width? How come I also see burnt marks when reducing the Line Width to a value smaller than 0.4mm which is the size of my nozzle? What is the best value for Line Width if I use a 0.4mm nozzle?
  5. Hi, I have 100% infill in this square plate. Why Cura leaves a big vertical gap on the left? Is there a way to make it fills in the gap fully automatically?
  6. Hi, usually I launch Cura. Then, File->Open File to open a 3mf file with the settings I use, make some modifications on the settings and/or STL and then save under a different filename. However, the top left of the Cura window still shows the original rather than the new name. Is this a bug? For example, I launch Cura. Open a file called filename1 and make some modifications. Then, I go to File->Save Project to save it as filename2. However, the top left of the Cura window still shows that it is under filename1 rather than filename2.
  7. Hi, why changing the Line Width caused burnt marks in the prints? Usually happen at an edge of a circular hole in the middle of the prints? I can see some extra thin filaments being deposited at one side of the hole and some of them got burnt.
  8. Thank you. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant: underspeed for outline, underspeed for solid infill and underspeed for the support structure. It looks like Cura has no equivalent settings. For the travel speed, the documentation does not say for which axes. If I want to set both X and Y axes to have the same speed but the Z axis has other speed, what can I do? I think Z speed is for hop speed only.
  9. Thank you. I had a look at the documentation of settings you provided but I cannot find the following parameters: X, Y and Z axes movement speed Underspeed for outline, solid infill and support structure How do I set these in Cura?
  10. Thank you. So Extrusion Width = Line Width = Nozzle diameter? What is the different between setting the infill angle to be 45 degrees vs. -45 degrees? Currently I just put [45].
  11. Hi, could you please let me know how to make the following settings in Simplyify3D in Cura? 1. Extrusion Width 2. Outline/Perimeter Shells. My nozzle diameter is 0.4mm. In one print, I want Outline/Perimeter Sheels to be 2 and the other print, I want it to be 4. 3. Infill Extrusion Width 4. Wipe Distance. I searched in Cura. It gave me Infill Wipe Distance and Outer Wall Wip Distance. Which one is Simplify3D's Wipe Distance? Thank you
  12. Once the print job finished, I took the object off the plate and took a photo of the bottom. The photos were parts of that surface.
  13. I guess there are two issues. In these two photos taken from the base of the prints, there are gaps and holes between the lines and perimeters. You can see it clearly from the Preview screenshot. In the bottom photo, some kind of visible irregular artifacts on it to ruin the lines. Can I make the bottom of the print solid so I don't see these lines, gaps and artifacts?
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