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  1. That sounds like a nice option. How much would be involved with casting the model in a food safe plastic like HDPE or PET? Specialty equipment, operating space requirement, etc. Casting moulds would be a whole new world for me.
  2. Ah, okay. Thanks for the info! I wish they would reply lol. I think I am set on an Ultimaker 5S because of its versatility and production capability.
  3. For the sake of simplicity, lets go with a coffee mug.
  4. I was afraid that might be the case. If I can't get a filament material to be dishwasher safe, food safe, and lacks strange odors, then what about a post-print coating? Something I could dip the printed product into that can prevent the problems that the tiny layers and holes cause. It would also need to prevent the odor problem cause by the ABS (leaning towards ABS at the moment). Nylon sounds feasible if I can figure out a way to make it look good. Which Nylon filament would be best given the previous constraints?
  5. Hi All, Can anybody point me in the right direction to learn if any of the materials that the UltimakerS5 can use are food safe? When I say food safe, I also need them to be dishwasher safe. It needs to be able to maintain its food safe capability for the lifetime of the products. ABS seems to have these capabilities but can't find any information that specifically states this. Best,
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