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  1. Sir - thank you, so much. Everything you suggest has been massively helpful. let me begin: I got the model from ThingiVerse, so don't know the original CAD prog. I messed with it in TinkerCad, because I'm a retired old fart on a limited budget. It has been great for me, though I accept 'proper' makers would scoff. I downloaded the mesh plugin for Cura and did as you suggested, and it says the model is not watwertight - so you got that totally correct. It also said, after I went through your guidance, that it was not repairable with the plugin - I guess I'm not surprised. Yes, the photos I
  2. I printed a model on my Creality CR10 mini, it came out with a very large piece of additional geometry in a place which should have been a cylindrical void. I checked the appearance of the model on the Cura build plate - no problem. But on (very) close inspection I see the additional artifact in the Preview view. I re-sliced it and printed it using Prusa slicer, and the artifact is not there. I thought it may be a function of printing with Tree supports, but the preview shows the additional geometry, with both Tree and Normal support. The artifact of additional geometry is not support materi
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