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  1. I installed Cura on an old laptop running Debian. (I do that with a number of grotty machines, really livens them up) It runs flawlessly, and is behaving impeccably. It's Also miles quicker to slice than it was when it ran on a far more powerful machine running Win 10, Not an ideal outcome, but one I can work with.
  2. I am regretfully thinking of giving up on Cura on Windows, and installing it on a Linux machine. Maybe that'll give me access to its glories!! Pad
  3. An update. (not a good one, but an update!) I uninstalled Fusion 360, only to find no change at all in my knackered access to Cura. So maybe it was the recent batch of Win 10 updates? As it loads, it gets almost to the point where i would have control and access to its file menu etc., but then the screen goes black completely for a second, and then it gives the white screen with "Cura" on a blue bar on top with (Not responding) beside it. If anyone has solved this, or has any ideas how I might get Cura back, I really would be grateful. Thanks in anticipation Pad
  4. Greetings to all. I have been increasing my use of Cura 4.7 over the past months, and liking it. Recently I added 4 more gig of RAM to my laptop (HP Laptop 15-db0xxx) to give me 8gig. Cura 4.7 and my other software worked miles faster and I thought myself to be on the up and up. There have been 2 windows updates in the last week, and I also installed Fusion 360. Since Tuesday, I have been unable to use Cura at all, as it just gives me a white screen (with the Cura logo at the top of the window) and fails to respond. I tried reboot (a must-do with Windows!
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