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  1. Could you describe the problem in more detail? What did not "change on the time of printing"? Firstly, ensure that arc support is enabled in the firmware (see similar posts above). Secondly, if your question is about improvement in printing time, then you will not see much improvement. The printing time will be roughly the same as without ArcWelder. The printer need to extrude the same amount of filament as before, and that will take the same time.
  2. I believe that stock Ender 3 v2 Pro's firmware comes with Arc support disabled by default, so ArcWelder would not work for you, @ScoutParamotor. Did you try the G2 command, as FormerLurker suggested? If so, what was the result?
  3. Great work, @ahoeben! The latest development snapshot created G2/G3 code in my test file, and without throwing any errors. I will print these test files as soon as my printer is free. But here's hoping! (MacOS 10.15.7 and Cura Arachne) EDIT: The files printed great.
  4. @ahoeben and @FormerLurker, I have run the code through the terminal, as suggested, but I don't see any output file. I had to modify the code slightly (added a "\" to remove space in the file path and I added an output file path): /Users/iMac2011/Library/Application\ Support/cura/4.8/plugins/ArcWelderPlugin/ArcWelderPlugin/bin/osx/ArcWelder --log-level=DEBUG -m=1000000 -t=0.01 -r=0.05 -s=1.0 -a=12 /Users/iMac2011/Google\ Drive/3D\ printing\ stuff/Test\ Prints/ArcWelder-Snake.gcode /Users/iMac2011/Google\ Drive/3D\ printing\ stuff/Test\ Prints/AW-ArcWelder-Snake.gcode The cod
  5. Thank you, @ahoeben, for developing this plugin. I installed the latest development snapshot (v7.0.0-2021-01-05T11-45-39Z) and ran through a couple of stl files with ArcWelder activated. I was able to slice the files but when I tried to save the generated gcode, I received an error: Exception: Unable to write to file Test prints for ArcWelder-Snake: Command '[<<snip>>]' returned non-zero exit status -11 So, no gcode file was available to review and I could not check if G2/G3 code was generated. With ArcWelder option unchecked, normal gcode files were generated and
  6. Yes, I would like to test a development snapshot. Where do I find the development snapshot? I have looked on GitHub but can't see anything.
  7. @macmaddog, have you checked that ArcWelder is installed in "Marketplace"? And that the tickbox is marked?
  8. @ahoeben, I have the Marketplace version and I am running Cura 4.8.0. cura.log Edit: MacOSX 10.15.7
  9. I have tried this plugin on both MacOSX and Win10, and only on Win10 is G2/G3 code generated.
  10. Thank you for putting this together. I have been following the Arc Welder development for a long time and even tested the early stages of ArcWelder (when it was called AntiStutter). Looking forward when it is fully developed. One question: Does the current beta version of the Cura plugin also work in vase mode (Spiralize Outer Contour)?
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