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  1. As I see not the "Gradual Infill" causes this anomaly, but the "Infill Support".
  2. The center area is a hole which is infilled mid-air. Version: 4.8.0
  3. Hi, If I understand well you have provided the steps what I don't intend to do 🙂 Situation: - I have a printing profile e.g. "PLA profile 1", that is my active profile. - I make changes. - I want to save my current settings off "PLA profile 1" to a new "PLA profile 2" and keep "PLA profile 1" intact. I think it is a very common use case and I don't understand why isn't it supported.
  4. For me it is not working. I cannot update the renamed, duplicated profile with the current settings. I can update only the active profile. Version: 4.8.0
  5. Hi, I often have problem with gaps on the top surface. One of my workaround is ironing. But ironing is very sensitive and very slow and usually causes other problems. I like that it is possible to set separately the "Top Surface Line Width" and "Top Surface Skin Pattern". But would it be also possible to print the top surface over shells/walls too? Like the ironing, which also prints over the walls, dense top surface could do a similar thing. Please take a look at the below image, there are walls with tiny gaps, these areas are quite small to be touche
  6. Hi, Is it possible? I don't want to update the current profile, but to create a new one with the current settings.
  7. Hops. I was false again. On the mentioned area the gap width is lower than the extrusion width..... I have no idea how to avoid this, maybe the model have to be planned together with the printing parameters...
  8. Hi, Thanks for creating this cool software and making it available for me! I'd like share some of my thoughts about gap filling. So as I see, where the gap width is higher than the extrusion width, the gap is filled with thin lines. My experience (and I may be wrong here), that this kind of filling can results "Z bumps" on the layer. Later, the moving hot-end can crash into these bumps and cause layer detachments. Would it be possible to fill these kind of gaps, with normal extrusion width and width high frequency and low amplitude s
  9. Imagine, that there is some tension inside the extruder, and the filament starts leaking as the the temperature goes up. For example at the end of the auto bed leveling, the extruder moves to the 1st point of the Brim, passing over the layers of the printable. The leaking filament damages the 1st layer. Now I realize that it is even not solved by a Skirt., hops... Maybe I need to add some start up G code to move sideways to the 0,0 and draw a side line there (I have seen it in an other slicers). Or maybe if there is some filament roll on the nozzle output like her
  10. Hi, I think Skirt + Brim together would be a nice option. Because at the beginning of the printing, messy filament could be flushed out of the extruder. Better to place this messy stuff far from the printable. Or is there an other Cura option to deal with this topic? With the initial extruder flush?
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