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  1. Imagine, that there is some tension inside the extruder, and the filament starts leaking as the the temperature goes up. For example at the end of the auto bed leveling, the extruder moves to the 1st point of the Brim, passing over the layers of the printable. The leaking filament damages the 1st layer. Now I realize that it is even not solved by a Skirt., hops... Maybe I need to add some start up G code to move sideways to the 0,0 and draw a side line there (I have seen it in an other slicers). Or maybe if there is some filament roll on the nozzle output like her
  2. Hi, I think Skirt + Brim together would be a nice option. Because at the beginning of the printing, messy filament could be flushed out of the extruder. Better to place this messy stuff far from the printable. Or is there an other Cura option to deal with this topic? With the initial extruder flush?
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