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  1. If the nozzle simply changes direction Pythagoras will look after the rest ... But I will try the version linked.
  2. And that's why it is imperative to ensure the integrity of the item being printed, for a slicer to introduce or omit elements from a drawing is a failing, and is as much a part of the testing process as the ripples or other defects that the mechanical structure and operation of same may impart. I get that it is difficult, but that doesn't make it excusable. Every slicer that I've used has for and against points, I've yet to encounter utopia in a slicer. I'm now aware of this limitation and will act accordingly but I'd really appreciate it if somebody within
  3. Starting to understand some cura limitations here - if I uncheck print thin walls it only does two layers ... For the sake of my test I can go with a solid. There is no complexity in the Fusion drawing, it is simply a box with thin walls that Cura clearly can't handle. I can confirm that if I send as a solid and print single perimeter with no infill and no top layer that it actually gets it right - but the colour of the box becomes red 'Shell' .. in preview on the corners front I need it as per above - square - so that I can assess any impact of ringing / je
  4. This part is drawn exactly as I expect it printed - the slicer is introducing 'complexity' that does not exist, it is not faithful to the original. I've noted that it creates artifacts in other prints too, just haven't looked this close before. The project is Cura 4.8.0 Taken from Fusion360, I 'could' create this as a solid and remove infill etc but that's kind of a cheat - I expect the slicer to reproduce what I draw - or am I missing something here.
  5. ?? - coasting is disabled ... but ... CFFFP_fc1013ac-6491-4ffb-b996-a1b6ad76ad2d.3mf
  6. The problem remains regardless of settings. The base drawing is a 25mm cube with 0.4mm walls, drawn in fusion360. The only layers when sliced that are even close to acceptable are the bottom 3. CFFFP_fc1013ac-6491-4ffb-b996-a1b6ad76ad2d.3mf
  7. This is a real pain, I've been fighting this all day in order to do some extrusion calibration. The slicer flat out won't even in vase mode and introduces artifacts that simply shouldn't be there. If it does it here it will do it elsewhere. This behaviour occurs regardless of the extra walls setting, vase mode, print thin walls etc etc. The image below shows the corners as per Cura, this is a 0.42mm wall with a 0.42mm extrusion width, drawn in Fusion360. I've tried various widths from 0.40 and Cura simply cannot handle it, all corners appear as per the first image below.
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