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  1. Hey thanks for the response :) I'm working on the API that'll receive all required settings for slicing. There's Python program and CuraEngine running in the background. The answer is yes to all of those questions if I understand correctly :) I will be using Cura GUI for exporting settings, but not for selected individual model. I'm using formula (pi * (radius)^2 * extruded length * density) for calculating material weight. The diameter is exported in html file as well so that's sorted out. The only parameter missing is material density. I'll look into Tweaker tool
  2. My current workaround is by using HTML plugin: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/plugins/5axes/HTMLCuraSettings I export all settings to HTML file then read it in my Python program and pass settings to CuraEngine. I'm still testing this and one of the things that still has to be resolved is material profile. I need diameter and density to calculate material weight and also I need to check material compatibility with printer.
  3. Thanks for the answer. What about the other way around? Is there a way to find quality profile by the name and read its settings? I've read Cura and CuraEngine docs and looked at the resources (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/tree/master/resources/quality) but I'm not sure how to pair printer with its corresponding quality profile. Is there a script or doc I can have a look at? My idea is to make my own quality files with all parameters I will pass to CuraEngine so I need to know which printer uses which cfg file in resources.
  4. When i export predefined printer profile like normal or extra fine, values that are not changed won't be written in the files inside .curaprofile. I'm using CuraEngine and I read setting values and pass them to slicing command. There is "quality_type" parameter but from my understanding, CuraEngine will read default values in fdmprinter.def.json no matter of passed quality. Is there any plugin or workaround that allows me to export all setting parameters in file that I can read and then pass to CuraEngine in a command? Thanks
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