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  1. Can I then create a "false" name for the HIPS under for example PINK ABS? Will Cura still send the "HIPS" feeds, temp etc... to the S5 correctly?
  2. Hi All. I have a S5 with materials station, running Cura 4.8.0. S5 running 5.8.2. When adding material to Cura from the Marketplace, it does not show up in materials. Not even after restarting Cura, logging out and in again. The material I was adding is the generic HIPS. Please help!
  3. Hi guys. I am having endless problems with my new S5. The first issue is when I cancel a job. The machine bombs out and I need to unplug everything. The second issue then is when I need to unload printcore 1 or 2. It goes to abouit 35% and then hangs. Please assist!
  4. Good day all. I have a brand new Material station. All the filament (any tipe) get stuck in 1B-1C-1D-1E-1F. It goes into the feeder tube about 200mm, the getting error ER54... Is it a faulty unit or am I stupid?
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