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  1. Hello all, I am quite new to 3D printing and I am looking to print a flexible chip with TPU. I would like to ask if TPU filaments with lower Shore A Hardness values are harder to print? What should I take note of when using them? I also noticed that the Ultimaker TPU 95A is only available in solid colours. Does anyone know any specific brands that sell transparent or translucent TPU filaments that are compatible with UM3 and preferably at Shore A hardness 95A and below? Thank you!
  2. I see! I will look up on the casting and continue experimenting with the thickness. Thank you so much for the advice! 🙂
  3. I am writing in to enquire about the use of Ultimaker TPU 95A on UM3. I attempted to print a flexible chip but the end product I printed is relatively rigid (Image 1.jpg), requiring a significant amount of force to bend it with my fingers, as seen in the attached photo. It was no where near the flexibility of a TPU film (Image 2.jpg). The chip I printed measures 24 mm (L) x 24 mm (B) x 2 mm (H) and was printed at 240 degree celsius, 0.06 mm layer height and 10% infill. Any suggestions as to how I can further optimise the settings to achieve a softer or more flexible end product? Or is this rigidity inherent in the UM TPU 95A filament itself? Thank you!
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