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  1. Ok will do. Any suggestions where i should get some?
  2. Well done gr5. You sorted. The X Y Z were all set at 100mm instead of 200MM. For information:- When i got this printer in September I had a lot of models that wouldn't stick down properly. Got in touch with Labists who said that the temp on the base should be 60' and the extruder should be 240' when i pointed out to them that their manual recommended 50' and 200' they admitted it was printed wrong, but were not going to change till next year. I also got a roll of decorators blue tape. I've not had anything come loose since. Once again thanks for your help.
  3. I've done as you advised, but it's already unchecked.
  4. I Have a Labists ET4 printer. Everything was working fine until i upgraded from 4.7.1. to 4.8. Now when i try to print it won't centre my work. It prints in the front left hand corner, over hanging base. Before it starts to print, i can centre the extruder by pressing the home button. But doesn't centre when printing. I emailed support@labists.com and was informed it's a problem with Cura's software. Any help would be appreciated. Alan (newby of 2 months)
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