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  1. Here is photo of the 3d prints. They're same thickness. Even though they're both 90% infill the left parabolic curve is 50% heavier than the right triangle. I can only think that the nozzle need cleaning when I printed the triangle. The volume of the parabolic shape is 18% less than the triangle which feels lighter and a bit less solid. I was hoping to balance these on a see saw (per archimedes method of mechanical theorems on wikipedia) as a math toy and so the weight needs to be accurate. I'll try reprinting the triangle. So my question is how accurate should I be able to get the weights if the print density is set at 90%? Perhaps I'd be better of with some other material than PLA - they shapes are so light anyway but its a proof of concept and so I'd like to get it to work.
  2. I printed in PLA two similarly shaped components, one with a 5cm by 5cm right angle triangle cross section extruded by 1 cm and the other the same but with a slight parabolic concave on the hypotenuse (ie slightly less volume). I set the infill density to 90% and so was surprised that the latter parabolic one weighed 50% more than the triangle. It should have weighed 18% less. I cleaned the nozzle before printing the parabolic one which may have meant the triangular shape was using less PLA and certainly the print looked less smooth. Are there any other explanations why the weights would be so different from expected?
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