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  1. It depends on what realm you are working in.... If printing is a hobby, consider looking at Matterhackers Build Series and Hatchbox. I have had great experiences with these two filament brands at the hobby level, where I was most concerned with an affordable, consistent filament. Both offer excellent layer and bed adhesion. I am also testing some Prusament PLA right now but do not have enough information to draw a perfect general conclusion (so far, it's been a great contender, definitely in Top Five). If you do 3D printing professionally, for instance, in an enginee
  2. There is a plugin called Z-Offset Setting. It adds the ability to manually change the z-offset which should help with your issue. Another thing to check is your bed leveling with a sheet of paper. A regular size copy paper should have little friction when moved between the nozzle and bed.
  3. I've had this problem a lot over the years. Usually, it had something to do with tuning the e-steps of the printers on all of the non-ulitmaker printers. I've even had a Prusa from the factory have the same exact issues. If using an Ultimaker printer, try and set your horizontal expansion settings to what others have listed in the forums. Another thing, equalize all of your jerk settings (I use 20), and speed settings. Moreover, play with the slicing tolerance and set it to exclusive for better dimensional accuracy. Finally, make sure the model is cooled before you remove the print bed fr
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