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  1. Hello all I saved and sliced my print in cura but only part of itfinshed i attached picture of final result + the file. I think the problem may be the roof laking supports i attached an image of this hope that somone can figure this out.
  2. Hello. I am using a mingda d2 fusion 360 and cura. I have a problem that my nozzle starts a bit too close and it hits the matt which is leaving a scar now. I tried going to move the z up on my printer but it doesn't really effect it when i start printing so I am thinking it must be a setting in cura that is setting the distance. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hey I figured it out sorry to bother. The answer is to select custom printer.
  4. Hello I have a Mingda d2 I asked their support what kind of printer to select if mine doesn't show up on the list of printers I selected one made by the same company, they never get back to me their customer service is crap. It's z index is too high above the plate always when it starts so I think something must e incompatible. Does anyone know a good default printer that I can select I am worried my prints are having too many issues may be incompatibility. Thanks for any tips.
  5. Yes both motors turn its also a brand new printer. I will try what you said hopefully it will work. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice i will set the settings like you said and try another print, I took a shot of my settings just encase there is anything wrong with them sounds like you know would know thanks again.
  7. I have a mingda d2. This one https://www.amazon.ca/MINGDA-Printers-Leadscrew-Removable-230x230x260mm/dp/B08DV4Y3RX I attached a picture of my travel settings. thanks for the advice.
  8. Hey, I am using a grid pattern. That does make sense it does hit where the grid intercepts. What is Z-hop on retraction and where is its setting. I am using cura 4.8. I am raising the nozzle on the 3d printer because it will start bumping the print after a while of printing then it will be ok for a bit but eventually i have to raise it up again. eventually after a long print I have had to raise it up by like 4-5 mm total. Its ridiculous.
  9. Hello. I have a really annoying problem. My printer works well so I am thinking there may be something else's maybe to do with curas settings. While I am printing my nozzle keeps bumping the top of the print. When it does the infill which is diamond shapes it will hit all the tops of the diamonds when it moves. I have to raise the nozzle like every 10 minutes. It had a bit to do with the raft warping the temps are at 60 degrees and I have tape holding down the raft. It seems though that this won't stop throughout a big print. Does anyone know how I could fIx this thanks.
  10. Here is the file an the image has an arrow pointing to where it should be a solid doughnut shape not hallow air. thanks GA30_quadperfected.3mf
  11. Hello. I am using fusion 360 and cura eveything works great. I just learned how to make supports and i am using them on my drone frame that i am trying to print off. On cura after I add some supports part of the inside of the four dougnut shapes on all four coners of my model vanish and there is a shadow remaining of where the shell should still be. I attached an image of this. Hope somone can figure out why this is happening. Thanks.
  12. oh neat so i can make a foudation up close to my raft then make some supports extending to my object so that i can just knock them out easily. thanks for the good advice
  13. Hello all. I am making an object with fusion 360 and cura and its working very well. The raft starts out using a zig zag pattern then finishes of with a straight tight fine pattern that makes a solid surface before it starts but that pattern sticks to my object way to much and is hard to remove. Is there a way to set that final pattern on the raft? thanks
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