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  1. Yep, I leveled my bed by that same method by CHEP. OK, after several experiments I've got result that satisfied me. Thanks for all the answers and suggestions! The clues were: - level bed by CHEP method; - set level height as 1/2 of nozzle diameter; - set first level height as 1/5 of nozzle diameter; - use concentric top/bottom pattern on round object. In my case the nozzle is 0.5 mm, level height - 0.25 mm, first level height - 0.1mm. I suppose better result can be achieved using glass bed.
  2. OK, and how to get the bed closer without scratching it with the nozzle?
  3. Set initial layer height to 0.15 mm. And changed top/bottom layer filling to concentric, since the puck is round. By the way, the top layer without ironing looks like this: But the bottom layer is still ugly:
  4. Took the Ender 3 Pro printer from my friend to play for a while. First time printing, getting used to all this. Trying to print a small puck-like cylinder. After some tweaking got the "ironing" option just right, so the last (top) layer is almost perfect now. But still having troubles with the first (bottom) layer. I'd like to get smooth mirror-like surface, but the lines there are clearly visible. Tried to play with initial line thickness and width, and you can see the progress with 5 pucks I made for now (see photo: from upper left to bottom right). Is the
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