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  1. I have the UM2Extened+ and Heat 1 has gone out on the contol board. Can I install the Firmware/software, move the hotend 1 heating cartridge and thermistor to the connections for HEAT2 and extruder1 to extruder2? I will only be able to use extruder2 in Cura, but will it work? thanks
  2. I have just acquired this machine and the hotend will not heat. The hotend heat cartridge is not open and I believe the control board is the issue. So without purchasing unassay parts, I have ohmed out the cartridge and is is not open, tested for output voltage on the control board HEAT1 but got 0. My question is can I used HEAT2? I have some experience in Marlin and can re-assign the pins, But is the Marlin firmware the proper firmware to use on this machine, as I can not find UM firmware that is in a base code, I can only find the HEX versions. Any help would be greatly welcomed..
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