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  1. @Gero what is this heated chamber you are using, do you have a link you can share?
  2. I have the "digital snow", during startup, on my two week old S3 as well, so maybe it is normal?
  3. Yeah, I'll get a spare glass or two, just ever time I use this one and close the clip I hear that awful sound of glass scratching so I know it won't last long. 🙂 Maybe on my printer the clips are extra tight vs. others whom have replied here... 🙂
  4. It's small now, but I anticipate the more I remove and re-install the glass, the larger it will get. This is the front right clip that slides to lock in the glass plate.
  5. Is there a part number for the S3 replacement glass? My machine is brand new, less than 2 weeks old, but the "questionable" method of those metal brackets has already started to chip the glass, so it's only a matter of time before the chip gets bigger and bigger and cracks the glass completely. So, I'd like to get ahead of this and order replacements, wired to have to order replacements so soon on a brand new machine, oh well... 😞 Any other replacement parts I should get ahead of as well?
  6. I used the default profile, just trying to test the printer out, and left everything at the default settings in Cura. Oh, OK I see, default, but 0.2mm which looks like fast, I get it now... I didn't notice the custom options.
  7. I have a brand new S3, not even a week old. Using the included materials, i.e. Tough PLA, and default settings within Cura, please see the attached and let me know what is wrong with the printer? The "blobs" in the first image appear on the back, i.e. towards the rear of the printer. In the second image the "waves" appear towards the front. This is what I was printing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:398548 Thank you!
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