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  1. ok, I understand ... I'll read a bit about the g-codes ... The printer is a CR10V3 so All I would need to do is locate the g-code that cura inserted where it goes to home, and add another g-code to raise the Z axis by a few centimeters right ? Thanks !!!
  2. Hi, recently I used the pause at height function to embed a nut into a project and it worked flawlessly first try. today I tried the filament change function to try a dual color print. I had 2 problems : 1. the print stopped at the correct layer, went to home position and retracted the filament well and then after loading the filament it purged the nozzle well --- the problem is that it went to the home position meaning that the nozzle was like 0.1mm from the bed with no space to extrude and purge the nozzle well ... it made a bit of a mess but no harm don
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