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  1. Yup I have tried 4.7.1 and 4.8. I will try IdeaMaker I cannot deal with super long travels (through whole model) is Cura...
  2. It's a mistake, anything else is wrong with my model? Is that the reason why my machine prints it in air?
  3. Thanks :), it is a prototype model for glue dosing made in TinkerCad ;). I dunno why you can not open the project, maybe because it was created on macOS, I'm sorry didn't tell you. That's the reason why I use Cura slicer- my machine is Ender 3 Pro and Creality's slicer is not available for me... last screenshot bothers me... It looks different on my PC but I use almost full infill with 6 walls. I remember i had similar issue with one model taken from thingiverse but I forgot which one... This one i have change a lil bit and now it seems to be ok.
  4. I had the same because of Bowden tube. It swelled due to high temperature. It can also be: - gap between nozzle and Bowden tube - too much retraction distance - nozzle clogged
  5. Optimization is great but i got small problem. One layer is printed in the air...
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