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  1. Hi GR5 - thank you. I've used the support blocker. Sadly the model is 30cm tall so we need to support the arm.
  2. Hi all, I'm having some real trouble with an amazing statue print. Michealangelo's david. I must have tried 20 test prints but there is always something wrong with it. I'm using various standard PLA. I've got close a few times but there is always an issue with the left arm/elbow or hair detail with the support settings. Even at 0.15mm. 0.4mm nozzle. 55% overhang support etc. Settings are attached below! Can anyone suggest a better set of settings? Please help, Thanks
  3. HI Ultimaker forum, I am relatively new on this 3D journey and although doing is the best way of learning, I am running into some issues. Some thinner support towers are failing but not others. I have done a level test a few times and can't figure it out... Can someone please give me an idea on why the below errors are occurring? Colorfab PLA nozzle 215 bed 65 .4 nozzle .2 layer height - other settings below.
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