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  1. I finally cleared out my BB 0.4 print core which was completely clogged after a problem with PVA. Hot and cold pulls would not remove the blockage at all. What finally worked was raising the temperature to 275C and forcing PLA through with a lot of pressure. Even after it started oozing, it took a while to get clean flow. This is picture of what came out! The PLA I used was purple. Everything else is burnt on PVA!
  2. I should have my custom cut pebbled tempered glass bed here in a day or two. Total cost was $40, including shipping. I will let you know how it works after I try it.
  3. I recently purchased an S5. On the back of the machine, there are four loose clips over the power cord, as shown here. Can someone tell me where/how these are supposed to be used? I assume they connect to the filament tubes, but I am not sure how. A picture would be helpful. Maybe I just missed this in the setup guide... Thanks!
  4. I recently upgraded from the 1.75 mm filament world to the 2.85 mm filament world when I upgraded to my new S5. I am looking for a brand of low price but high quality standard PLA for prototyping. I will generally be using Ultimaker brand filaments for production work but can't think of any reason to use these for initial design prototyping. I was using Hatchbox brand pLA with my previous Creality system with great results. Does anyone have experience with Hatchbox PLA with an S5? If that is not a good choice, what would people recommend? I will just use white and black for pr
  5. I just ordered a long flexible phone holder that clamps on to the table holding the S5. I purchased an old iPhone for about $75 on eBay. Then, you can use either free or low cost baby monitoring software to get an excellent view of the print. I used this with my previous system (Creality CR-10S Pro) and was very disappointed when I learned that the S5 camera was in a position where I can't see the top of the print. When I get a chance I will probably design and 3d print a small phone holder that can safely clamp on the S5 (with an open top).
  6. I am attaching an STL file that is basically a solid 3D rectangular object with a cavity from the top. When I slice it, it completely ignores the cavity and fills the entire rectangular object. I can't figure out why CURA is doing this or how to fix it. Opening Test 2.stl
  7. Simple question. I just upgraded to an S5 from a hobbyist system (Creality Cr-10S Pro V2). I love the S5 but one thing I did like about the CR-10S Pro was that their glass build plate had a textured and a smooth side. There are times when I want the bottom to be slightly textured, which occurred naturally with the pebbled glass bed I had before on the CR-10S. I can't seem to find a borosilicate glass bed for the S5 that is textured on one side. If one doesn't exist, I might try to have one custom cut to size. I can take the glass off and measure it, of course, but I assumed th
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