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  1. Hi, i’m new at 3D printing; this is my third print 🙈. i noticed some strange pits and extensions, while printing in fine 0,1mm with some adjustments to speed (max 35) acceleration (max 2000), print jerk (25) and outer before inner walls (these changes were made because of some suggestions in a YT movie, to print more precise) printer S3, tough pla and pva. And maybe its just normal, because of the circumstances (next to openings which are supported by pva)
  2. I guess it is then. But it can’t harm to discuss it i guess... The printer prints perfectly, it only gives me a bad feeling (like buying a scratched car). Thx for the reply!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I will discuss it with him! yes its the correct port, strange.. And the firmware update issue is solved now for me :))
  4. Hi, yesterday i received my new S3, but encountered some strange problems/“features” haha. I already sent Ultimaker a messenger app, but didn’t received a reply so far.. firstly the nfc spool encounters a problem. The printer doesn’t recognize the spools, i have to register them as third party spools. But can print at least.. Of course i checked the wires. secondly: even after updating firmware, the update function constantly remembers to update. Is that a known issue? (Not as a printtask but as an option in the menu) and thirdly: when i startup t
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