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  1. @Enigma_M4-- Thanks for the suggestion. I ran it about 5 times. First time it came back as not working and that there was interference. I do happen to have two SUNLU dryboxs behind it for its filament. So I unplugged both and ran the test again. This time it cleared as good to go. I tried it several more times before finally plugging the boxes back in and moving them a little further back from the UM3. It just completed its active leveling. Thanks! I really didn't want to pull out and use the spare printhead I have!
  2. So, I am turning to the forums for help. I have a UM3, normally prints flawlessly-- but after a print today it decided that it no longer wanted to autolevel. This happens sometimes so I cleaned the nozzles, cleaned the bed-- tried again. Same issue. Okay! Off to the internet. So I set my bed to 14mm. Nope. That didn't work. I manually level the bed. Nope. That failed as well. I calibrate the lever switch. Still nada. I change PrintCores (both the AA and the BB). Nope. Okay, so let's watch what it is doing. PrintCore 2 isn't touching the bed. Well th
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