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  1. Thank you, @gr5! Telling the S5 it was CPE made it squirt through - exactly what I was struggling with. Downloaded the printprofile from Polymaker and it prints like a charm. Sidenote: I've printet probably around 7-8 kg of Tough PLA and would never buy a third party filamente, the convenience and time saved is greater than the extra cost of the Ultimakers filament (as well as the excellent compability w/PVA and Breakaway).
  2. Well, I am inputting it is generic PLA, but the nozzle-temperature is obviously not enough since the gear pushing the filament starts to slip. It makes quite a bang right before it slips, so its nothing mechanical wrong.
  3. We were just gifted with 12 kg of PolyLite, both regular PLA and PETG, and I cant use it! Inserting the new filament into our S5, i choose "generic -> PLA" and it sucks it through the bowden tube. Upon waiting for it to extrude through the nozzle, it seems like the print head wont reach a high enough temperature, and the feeding-wheel makes a noise and the forwardmotion of the filament stops. My guess is that the filament hasn't reached a high enough temperature to get the proper flow, and the filament stagnates inside the head. Unloading it shows that the filament
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