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  1. Thank you! That works although the script fields in the 'set up' area has a four fields. The "text to display" field has to entered manually (unless I'm missing something which is probable) although the help sidebar indicates that the current filename will be the default input.


    In any case, thanx again for the help. I can live with the manual entry.

  2. Yes, I realize that the command line is M117 but that doesn't show up in the Magic's "Start G Code" file as displayed in Cura that I can see. I presume that feature is imbedded in the firmware but I'm not hooked up to a PC so I can't look. I did see a Filament Friday YouTube which had a short demo about a Cura plug-in that would display a printer "timer countdown" line. Unfortunately, I don't recall what the main topic this YouTube was about so I can't reference it directly but my point is that inserting custom text messages into the display are possible, regardless of the printer (I would imagine).  Like life, the trick is how to do it.

    By some improbable quirk of Fate, should I find the location of such a G Code file name insert location, I will  share here. I think it would be a neat plugin.

  3. I recently purchased a JGMaker Magic printer and one of the features I really like is that the recipe 'loaded' in the printer will have its name displayed in the 'blue' printer LCD display/status window so I know what is running. On occasion, I have loaded a recipe only to discover what I installed the incorrect one about 90 minutes into a 3 hour print.  I have looked at the start G Code for the JGMaker printer in Cura and I can't see any command that suggests how this feature is initiated though I am new at this so I'm sure that I have missed something. Any tips or hints on how to create or install this feature would be appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Yesterday, Cura ran fine, I run Versions 3.6 & 4.7. This morning, when I open the Cura window, all I get is a white screen with "Ultimate Cura" in the upper5 left hand corner of the screen. If I click the minimize page button and then click on the Cura icon in the Task Bar, Cura opens. The problem is, I have to minimize EVER time I do an operation to make it take effect. So to load a file, I click on the Folder icon at the top left, minimize the screen, restore the screen and then I get a list of files in my most recent folder. I click on the file, minimize the screen, restore the screen and my file is on the build plate. The settings table on the left can only accessed the same way but that works intermittently. HELP!!!!


    I should mention that I reinstalled each version thinking they were corrupted somehow but I get the same result as I described above.

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