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  1. I did a little experimentation and figured out why it suddenly started working for me. The answer is: it didn't. The selection and use of the hoops works just fine when I first open the app up. However, once I click on the Monitor tab and then back to the Prepare tab, that's when it stops working. As I workaround (at least for me) you only need to close and re-open the app making sure not to click on Monitor tab until you no longer need to interact with the translation tools.
  2. Okay, I swear I didn't change anything and it's suddenly working for me. I've restarted Cura a couple times, but I'm not aware of any updates that got applied to either Cura or macOS.
  3. I just started using Cura (4.8.0) yesterday and am having the same issue. If I'm doing something wrong, I'm unaware of what it might be. To provide the information requested: I'm using macOS Big Sur (11.1) with the standard macOS video drivers on a 27" iMac with the Radeon Pro 580 GPU. I've never used a prior version of Cura. I cannot seem to get any of the interactive translation tools to work. To help identify the problem (or what I'm doing wrong), I've attached a little video of what's happening. CuraToolProblem.zip
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