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  1. Thanks GregValiant for your suggestion. It's designed to print the SplitBoard to the main object to keep them temporary bonded but easy to be removed later. The original object and SplitBoard have about 300mm height. If they are printed separately, it's hard to keep the thin wall SplitBoard precisely printed.
  2. Hi guys, Why this g-code lines are attached between the gap? It seems Cura want to fill that gap which I want to keep intentionally. My settings: Fill Gap Between Walls: Nowhere The project file is attached. SS_framebody1t.3mf
  3. @ahoeben @nallath Oh good, it's a feature instead of a bug 😵 (I haven't seen its benefit, maybe move it to the add-on plugin if it's only useful for very few users) I thought I never touched that setting, I don't know why it's checked. If you found many people has such strange situation, it couldn't be an accident or misunderstanding from my software product experience. It might be caused by some bug, think about why changing filament (PETG->PLA->PETG) can solve it, that might be a clue. Another minor bug is sometimes (30% chance) the object models are not movable/controllable, restart the app will solve it. (Env: MacOS v11.1 Big Sur, Macbook Air M1, Cura 4.8.0. )
  4. The printing sliced by PrusaSlicer's travel speed move super fast, like a Ninja. Same travel speed 120mm/s setting in Cura won't change much. I also changed the acceleration to 9000 mm/s, but can't see much difference. Why? How can I improve the Cura travel speed like PrusaSlicer ?
  5. @stan_bulgaria, that's also what happened to me, changing the object placement in any direction will still have the model changed, like filling the hole feature or adding some pyramid at the bottom side. @GregValiant, that's a solution, it's solved by switching the filament general PETG->PLA->PETG. Many thanks. But I don't think the printer setting or filament setting should change the model or modify the feature, that's definitely a software bug.
  6. OK. All objects have the model changed issues, I saved one of the objects in the attached project file. The models slicing works well with Cura 4.6.1 on another computer. AI3M_HS_B.3mf
  7. There's no problem with the support, I hided them in the screenshots. The problem is Cura slicing changed the model.
  8. Hi guys I was excited to upgrade to Cura 4.8.0 but so frustrated by the supporting issues. It slicing algorithm seems has a serious bug, getting a wrong result. I didn't notice that, and realized it after a 10 hours printing work. I couldn't believe how it's released with such serious problems. I have 3 printers , printing for 5 years, this is my first time of such experience. I was printing with Tree support, but Normal type support has same issue. My env: MacOS v11.1 Big Sur, Macbook Air M1, Cura 4.8.0.
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