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  1. I live in AZ so my humidity is 22-30% typically (indoors). I also store my filaments in a vacuum sealed bag with desiccant, similar to how they come from Ultamaker. It seems that the PVA dries out naturally (the spool is about a year old). The PVA is now so brittle that it breaks at the feeder due to feed roller pressure when adjusted to center point as recommended, as soon as the tension lever is closed, the PVA snaps. I backed it off to minimum pressure, which helped a bit , but is is still happening. I can hear the "Snap" from 12' away across the room. It has taken 2 days to d
  2. On my S3, the PVA constantly breaks at the feeder. It is extremely brittle and I've had it actually break when trying to take out the natural curl when loading it. Running a simple print today and it has broken 3 times inside of 15 minutes. I have heard that it "Dry's Out" , which I find curious since it is recommended that it be kept in a humidity free environment so it doesn't absorb moisture. You can see where it is actually cracked in the center of the tube...
  3. My printer is on the other side of the room, so it would be nice if, when you abort a print you didn't have to walk over to the printer and confirm that you stopped the print. Seriously, when monitoring the print it would be somewhat miraculous to open the "manage in browser', click the ellipsis, and select abort print...by accident. Even if they did, why can't there be a popup that asks (like the printer) "Really?". The other nicety would be to confirm removal remotely. I have had instances where I confirm on the printer, go back to the computer, send the print...then realize
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