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  1. Thanks a lot! I installed the plugin and i can see now most of the settings there, except the ones unchanged from the profile it's based on. It is possible that my problem in the past was here, where i was changing the base profile and they were automatically transferred to the custom profile. I guess i'll have to add some more profiles and see how it fares.
  2. I am having trouble for some time now with profile settings not being saved. I did a clean install of Cura 4.9, deleting all previous versions and profile folder. I chose a default profile and tweaked at least 50 settings, "Update profile with current settings", chose a name and saved it. In preference / profiles / global settings the profile shows only 7 saved settings. Any idea what's up?
  3. I had some really weird stuff happening after producing gcode with cura 4.8 I can't read gcode so i attached it and would appreciate if anyone can tell if there's something obviously wrong with it. CE3_3030_Bracket_Update.gcode After i hit print, instead of homing, It moved the Y axis all the way jamming it on the right side, and the extruder was doing some very fast weird movements. It's the third time this happened today, and previously i also had some very weird stuff happening, in addition to the print i expected, i also got a very small part of another print alongside
  4. I can only find "Top/Bottom Line Width" setting, is there no possibility to set different line width for top and bottom? It would be very useful, using a high value for bottom (like 150% of nozzle size) would greatly reduce print speed for large flat objects, but using the same value for top is not a good idea. I generally like using higher values for speed and strength, but it's problematic for overhangs, bridges and the first top layers, so it would be great to be able to set a different line width for these.
  5. My profiles are not kept between different nozzle sizes, so if i make a profile while 0.6 nozzle is selected and change to 0.8 it's not there, like it switches to a different profile folder. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but it doesn't make any sense to me, i change nozzles often and just tweak line width and height and maybe speed, so no point in having multiple profiles per nozzle size. Am i missing out something?
  6. Works perfect, thanks a lot! May i ask what you did with the eraser object?
  7. I'm not using ironing but i am using a filled object in a custom vase mode which seems to be the problem. If i use "spiralize outer contour" it works fine, but i need multiple walls. CE3_LampaCreponata.3mf
  8. I am trying to make a hole into the bottom of a normal object using a cylinder set as cutting mesh. I'm assuming that's how it's meant to be used since i haven't found any info about it. The result is not as expected: i get the cut part transposed above the cutting mesh: I tried all kinds of settings for the cutting mesh but none produces the expected result. What's wrong here?
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