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  1. Ah, i assume you have an 8-bit board and you mean stuttering because of the board being unable to process that many lines on round geometry, not that there's any mechanical issue with it.
  2. Great, i'll make sure to try your tool, at the moment i don't have the printer next to my pc. Why are you running the settings so low? You use the same settings for everything? I mean i use low values for outer walls and high values for everything else and i cut down the print time to 60-80% with little to no quality loss, maybe a bit of extra ghosting bleeding from internal walls.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info! I incorrectly assumed M204 overrides M201, but now that i think of it, it didn't make much sense. I'm testing this on an Ender 3 as well, and get occasional layer shifts on Y-axis at 5000 accel and 50 jerk. I hope lower acceleration would fix this, although as you said, it's not that big of an advantage since infill and top/bottom is limited to Y acceleration.
  4. Most printers have a slinging bed where X axis allows a much higher speed than Y axis. Marlin has separate values for X and Y yet i can't seem to find any way to set this in Cura. Maybe some plugin can do this? Editing the gcode is not really an option since the values are set a few times per layer.
  5. Thanks a lot! I installed the plugin and i can see now most of the settings there, except the ones unchanged from the profile it's based on. It is possible that my problem in the past was here, where i was changing the base profile and they were automatically transferred to the custom profile. I guess i'll have to add some more profiles and see how it fares.
  6. I am having trouble for some time now with profile settings not being saved. I did a clean install of Cura 4.9, deleting all previous versions and profile folder. I chose a default profile and tweaked at least 50 settings, "Update profile with current settings", chose a name and saved it. In preference / profiles / global settings the profile shows only 7 saved settings. Any idea what's up?
  7. I had some really weird stuff happening after producing gcode with cura 4.8 I can't read gcode so i attached it and would appreciate if anyone can tell if there's something obviously wrong with it. CE3_3030_Bracket_Update.gcode After i hit print, instead of homing, It moved the Y axis all the way jamming it on the right side, and the extruder was doing some very fast weird movements. It's the third time this happened today, and previously i also had some very weird stuff happening, in addition to the print i expected, i also got a very small part of another print alongside it, it's gcode being present on the same microsd card, which leads me to think it could be my printer incorrectly reading gcode. Using an Ender 3, printing from card. Had the problem with 2 different cards, fat32.
  8. I can only find "Top/Bottom Line Width" setting, is there no possibility to set different line width for top and bottom? It would be very useful, using a high value for bottom (like 150% of nozzle size) would greatly reduce print speed for large flat objects, but using the same value for top is not a good idea. I generally like using higher values for speed and strength, but it's problematic for overhangs, bridges and the first top layers, so it would be great to be able to set a different line width for these.
  9. My profiles are not kept between different nozzle sizes, so if i make a profile while 0.6 nozzle is selected and change to 0.8 it's not there, like it switches to a different profile folder. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but it doesn't make any sense to me, i change nozzles often and just tweak line width and height and maybe speed, so no point in having multiple profiles per nozzle size. Am i missing out something?
  10. Works perfect, thanks a lot! May i ask what you did with the eraser object?
  11. I'm not using ironing but i am using a filled object in a custom vase mode which seems to be the problem. If i use "spiralize outer contour" it works fine, but i need multiple walls. CE3_LampaCreponata.3mf
  12. I am trying to make a hole into the bottom of a normal object using a cylinder set as cutting mesh. I'm assuming that's how it's meant to be used since i haven't found any info about it. The result is not as expected: i get the cut part transposed above the cutting mesh: I tried all kinds of settings for the cutting mesh but none produces the expected result. What's wrong here?
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