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  1. Yesss, that solved it... Much appreciated... I just left a single comment line on Start/End; only those showed up next time I run Cura... Much appreciated tinkergnome...
  2. I should better describe the problem; I've deleted Start and End G-code scripts below, multiple times actually... However, everytime I run Cura, these codes appear again. If I forgot to delete them before I generate the Gcode, they are incorporated to the compiled file. So, question is why they keep appearing, and is there a way I can fix it... Thanks...
  3. Hi, I've switched to 4.7. I prefer printer settings are managed by OctoPrint, not Cura so all my printer prep related gcodes are in octoprint. I recently upgraded to 4.7.1 and noticing everytime I change a printing parameter, Start and End G-Code entries in Machine Settings dialog box show up event though I've deleted them. Thinking this is a bug, unless I'm missing something. Is there a master file where I can delete these default strings so they don't show up again? Thanks...
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