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  1. My deepest apologies. I fixed the problem by going right back to basics in Manage Printers then selecting Connect Octoprint and resetting my API key and requesting authorisation again. I think that error should say something like "Can't reach Octoprint API - Check your API Key and Octoprint URL", as that was the source, rather than a python error. Thanks for your time
  2. Both Octoprint and my PC running Cura are plugged into the same Ethernet switch, & the web browser on the same PC was streaming the video from Octoprint just fine as that error has been generated, so I can guarantee you that it had absolutely nothing to do with IP connectivity between Octoprint and my PC. Just to double confirm this, I ran a continual ping as I generated the error, and my connectivity was 100% the whole time. Yes, I have the Octoprint plugin Automatic Shutdown installed - however, even if I disable it, then restart both Octoprint and Cura, it still gives exactl
  3. I get the 'nonetype' object has no attribute 'close' every time I click on the Print with Octoprint button in Cura. I'm using the Linux Ultimaker_Cura-4.8.0.AppImage on a fully updated version of Arch Linux. 2020-12-24 10:04:04,352 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [106]: Exception: Unable to write to file camera_mount_front: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'state' 2020-12-24 10:04:04,354 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [110]: Traceback (most recent call last): 2020-12-24 10:04:04,356 - ERROR - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [110]: File "/build/4.8/build
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