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  1. You're the man. I couldn't figure out why mine stopped working. Thank you for posting! I can see layer view now. And I can move between layers. But I don't have the play button to watch a single layer. Did you run into this too?
  2. What I like about the dual extruder is the minimizing of time required to travel for a tool exchange. After the first layer, there are two tool changes for each layer of the print. That’s a lot of additional wear on the machine and the added time for printing. It seems like having two extruders mounted as closely beside each other as possible would be ideal. So long as the switching can occur internally while also minimizing overall weight of the assembly. That Mark 2 looks slick regardless.
  3. What about using a solenoid to actuate the lever / spindle / camshaft assembly? As opposed to a stepper motor on top or running the mechanical switch by some fixed point (I believe that’s how you’re currently doing it?). Having to run the unit past a fixed point is time consuming for sure. I would imagine the solenoid would be operating parallel to the build plate. Or possibly implementing two solenoids working to push away the lever and throwing it into the second position? A design like this would eliminate the need to hold current on the solenoid. Just actuate it mom
  4. So what’s the status on this? Github? I’m eager to build one!
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