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  1. I know it's more but when I print it only make the last layer at the bottom of my bed The file weigh 7,10Mo and the layer start at 0 so i don't know where the problem came from there is the g-code file plus the stl CE3_3d_benchy_quick_print.gcode 3d_benchy_quick_print.stl
  2. If you have in idea how I can solve that that will help a lot.
  3. Hi, I use a Creality ender 3 and in Cura when I slice a model only the top layer is sliced. I tried to move the sliders at the bottom and on the right, Re-install Cura in older versions. It affect all stl that I import in cura and I didn't change settings in Cura btw. Thanks for help
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