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  1. I chopped the tips off in CAD. Why is it now hanging them above the raft? Rocket Earring Mk 4.3mf
  2. Wow, @geert_2, I really appreciate the time you took to make an easier to print model! Unfortunately, I'm dead set on this design as I've been drawing this type of rocket for years and it really means something to me by now. The circle radius revolved around an axis, chopped at one end, the pointy fins, the lil window, are all exactly how I want it. It's perfect to me. If I got that black one to print I'm sure this one will come around soon enough. Then, I just paint it and have the coolest earring that I designed from scratch and brought into existence mostly by my own
  3. Nope. No chance I'm gonna let these things win. I wanna look cool, and I wanna make cool jewelry for people. I made a friend skull earrings for her birthday and ever since I saw how those turned out I've been pushing the stock ender 3 pro to do things smaller and finer. I'll look at changing the support gap. Perhaps that will even give me a better finish on the back of the fins. A raft is a must, and I had forgotten to add one because I took a break from these for a while. I will say that earlier, smaller (yes, I was able to print smaller, it just didn't have the durability I was a
  4. I printed the pictured rocket earring on my Ender 3 Pro and one of the fins appears to have spaghettified halfway through. Could it have come loose from lack of support? How do I prevent this? Thanks so much in advance! I have attached the .3MF file as well. Rocket Earring Mk 3.3mf
  5. CURA seems to be introducing gaps in my model between the fins and the fuselage. I am not sure why it is doing this. Here is the .STL along with the .3MF: Rocket Earring Mk 3.3mf Rocket Earring Mk 3.STL
  6. ayooooooo It worked!!! I actually already had z-hop enabled but it didn't match my layer height so it didn't go high enough. Just adjusted it to be the same as my layer height and no more problems!! Greg is good. Greg is #1. Greg for president.
  7. Sweet! That's probably what was causing my layer shift then. It's also nice to know that it's probably smacking a blob or something because it probably won't do that when I go back to a typical nozzle size and deposition rate. Just gotta add some z-hops for this particular print and hopefully that'll fix it right up! I will update you once I've tried it. I will also try adjusting the wheels. Thank you so much @GregValiant, I was beginning to lose hope!
  8. Okay, here's a .zip containing three videos: one of the very sturdy, free moving bed, one of a strange periodic catching on the x-axis, and one "kachunk" noise that accompanies the layer shift. The sound happened after the last good layer and before the first bad layer. What is happening? Should I take another video with a better angle? Thanks so much in advance! 1503748680_Ender3ProDiagnosticVideos.zip
  9. I have videos to show you! We will see when I can get around to uploading them. Should I just zip them so that they can get through?
  10. Damn, that's really annoying. I appreciate you going through my files though, and my search is narrowed. Maybe I'll try updating the firmware again, I want to get rid of the primer line that marlin enables by default anyways, because it does not account for nozzle diameter and if I wanted to do finer prints I would prolly take a dookie on my extruder motor before it even got started. Thanks again!!
  11. Got to upload these quicker than I thought :)
  12. Thanks! I have attached the .gcode and .3mf files. AL.3mf AL.gcode
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