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  1. ayooooooo It worked!!! I actually already had z-hop enabled but it didn't match my layer height so it didn't go high enough. Just adjusted it to be the same as my layer height and no more problems!! Greg is good. Greg is #1. Greg for president.
  2. Sweet! That's probably what was causing my layer shift then. It's also nice to know that it's probably smacking a blob or something because it probably won't do that when I go back to a typical nozzle size and deposition rate. Just gotta add some z-hops for this particular print and hopefully that'll fix it right up! I will update you once I've tried it. I will also try adjusting the wheels. Thank you so much @GregValiant, I was beginning to lose hope!
  3. Okay, here's a .zip containing three videos: one of the very sturdy, free moving bed, one of a strange periodic catching on the x-axis, and one "kachunk" noise that accompanies the layer shift. The sound happened after the last good layer and before the first bad layer. What is happening? Should I take another video with a better angle? Thanks so much in advance! 1503748680_Ender3ProDiagnosticVideos.zip
  4. I have videos to show you! We will see when I can get around to uploading them. Should I just zip them so that they can get through?
  5. Damn, that's really annoying. I appreciate you going through my files though, and my search is narrowed. Maybe I'll try updating the firmware again, I want to get rid of the primer line that marlin enables by default anyways, because it does not account for nozzle diameter and if I wanted to do finer prints I would prolly take a dookie on my extruder motor before it even got started. Thanks again!!
  6. Got to upload these quicker than I thought :)
  7. Thanks! I have attached the .gcode and .3mf files. AL.3mf AL.gcode
  8. Ah, yes. I see that option on my posts. Hopefully @jax200 sees this
  9. This was me, sorry. I replied in that thread just now. After updating the firmware I should also mention that I have to manually pause when the print head moves out of the way and manually resume from the screen interface. I also started encountering layer shift issues though unfortunately... Is there any general advice you have for ender 3 pro owners that might fix some of my problems? I am a full time aerospace engineering student and would like to spend less time fixing my printer than printing with it, since I don't have much spare time as it is. I am tempted to give up and buy a quality m
  10. Shoot, sorry everyone! I have an Ender 3 Pro and I upgraded to Marlin from whatever came with the printer.
  11. My Ender 3 Pro shifts on the y-axis only for certain prints in certain configurations, but when it shifts, it does so consistently, indicating that it is likely a software problem. Attached are pictures of three attempts to print an A and an L. I have laid them out as I printed them to show the effects of my rearrangement within the software. The last attempt I let run all the way until the stop at layer command I put in post-processing, but the other two I stopped as soon as they shifted. I am printing translucent red PETG on a 1 mm nozzle with the attached speed settings. I'd appreciate some
  12. Update: Updating the firmware fixed it. My printer was just ignoring the pause command!
  13. Update: Updating the firmware fixed it. My printer was just ignoring the pause command!
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