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  1. I seem to have solved my own problem . Moderators: Please feel free to delete this. I simply wasn't viewing properly in Cura. I did need to go through the process of making the original .stl solid, but in my frustration, I wasn't seeing what Cura was presenting me afterwards.
  2. I have an .stl that was given to me by a 3rd party. No matter what I do, I can not get Cura to generate infill. This question has been asked before, but I think I have followed the advice found there. I have tried multiple ways to make the object solid in both Meshmaker and Freecad. There are online tutorials about doing this that I have followed. No matter what I do, no infill is ever generated. I know the object as it is in the attachment is too large for my print bed. I shrink the x-axis to 63.5mm in Cura. The attached file has been "made solid" in both Meshmaker and Freecad. The o
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