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  1. Hi, I have a critical issue with filament. Issue: PLA Filament does not unload when press the unload button, motor sound was normal, but the filament did not move. Observation: I heated the nozzle to 220 degree, then I lifted the lever on decoupler and tried to pull the filament out manually, but it is not moving. I opened the cover of the decoupler. I tried to pull the filament by hand again, it seemed I was not pulling the filament but the tube, the inside of the decoupler looks fine, nothing is stuck in there. I tried to choose the load fil
  2. Hello, I have been experiencing some issue with one of my nozzle recently. As the title said, the AA nozzle does not extrude filament during printing. However, when I load the new filament the filament came down from the nozzle normally. It is only during printing nothing comes out. Is there a fix to this issue? The things I did before the issue occurred were: 1. Printed with CPE+ 2. Switched to PLA Best
  3. Just want to share an update of the finished print. It actually looked alright, not as good as PLA but also not a complete disaster. I am going to try to lower the nozzle temperature to 235 and bed temp to 90 to see how the print looks.
  4. Hi, When I printed with CPE+ on Ultimaker S5 with the default profile applied glue stick on the bed before printing. The first layer looked really bad and I don't know if that's normal. Could you take a look and give some advice? The nozzle was also covered with white CPE+ filament when I abort the print. Is this because the bed is too hot? How can I change it so it can look as good as I print with tough PLA? Best
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